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20.1.2018, 1:00 in Chapter 1
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Author Notes:

BeeMKay 19.1.2018, 22:03 edit delete
After a few transitional problems during the last week, we are now continuing with regular upates.

Thank you for your patience!



dpat57 21.1.2018, 22:14 edit delete reply
I'm intrigued enough to keep reading, added to favorites.
BeeMKay 21.1.2018, 22:39 edit delete reply
Thank you. :-)
Siren 29.4.2018, 3:00 edit delete reply
If they accept, can they change their minds later on when they have more first-hand experience and information (and take required inhibitor)? I don't know if a week is long enough to decide whether to completely change your life plan...
BeeMKay 4.5.2018, 22:38 edit delete reply
This will also be answered in the comic during one of the upcoming scenes with the students, but yes, they can bow out any time. Some also won't make it through training, one way or the other. There will be consequences, of course.
Mr.KnuckleHead 1.6.2018, 7:20 edit delete reply
Is the inhibitor a surgical implant? I hope so, and unsightly,lol. Like a tumor but worse!
BeeMKay 1.6.2018, 21:24 edit delete reply
There are different versions of the inhibitor. Some are for external wear (the temporary ones, usually, you'll see an example of that further down the story), and there are implants, too. There will be more about inhibitors and how they work as the story unfolds.
Mr.KnuckleHead 6.6.2018, 16:57 edit delete reply
So cool, Can't wait.