Demon Division - Page 11

27.1.2018, 2:02 in Chapter 1
Page 11
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ELSANTO 27.1.2018, 3:28 edit delete reply
Interesting story I definitely want to know what happens next :)
BeeMKay 27.1.2018, 10:05 edit delete reply
Thank you! :)
And skimming through the script, all I can say is... "Much Mayham ensues!" ;)
Siren 29.4.2018, 4:07 edit delete reply
A couple thoughts on pacing in case you decide to adjust these for print later: I think it would be better to omit page 3, combine pages 4 & 5 into one regular sized page with the location text at the top, omit page 6 but take first line of dialogue and put it on page 7.

I realize the first couple pages were that way because your first scene was a (very ambitious) classroom full of people (definitely must have increased set up and rendering time), and even background characters show careful attention to detail and it looks like you were updating around 2x a week. I'm only making these suggestions because I assume that you are open to critique from your posts on the Daz forum and I always overthink things I like anyways.
BeeMKay 4.5.2018, 22:18 edit delete reply
Thank you. I'm still working on the pacing of the pages; it's difficult.
The comic also underwent some changes; the initial pages had much larger speech bubbles, so everything was quite crowded. I hope I slowly get the hang of words/images balance.
Thank you for your suggestions! :-)
Siren 29.4.2018, 4:17 edit delete reply
And good job with the tripping pose - that's not an easy action to capture from the front.
BeeMKay 4.5.2018, 22:20 edit delete reply
Thank you! That one took a lot of time to set up properly, and then find the right angle for rendering. :-)
Mr.KnuckleHead 1.6.2018, 7:23 edit delete reply
What the cheese? I wouldn't change anything, this is great.
BeeMKay 1.6.2018, 21:29 edit delete reply
I'm glad you liked it so far, but siren's feedback was well thought out. I'm still a beginner in this, and whatever feedback I get, I treasure and appreciate.