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21.2.2018, 0:59 in Chapter 1
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ThreeMadGods 21.2.2018, 23:57 edit delete reply
how long does it generally take to render a whole page worth of content?
BeeMKay 22.2.2018, 11:38 edit delete reply
Thanks for your interest!
Render times vary.
You first have to set up the Scene of the image (characters, set, posing, lights, camera), which varies anywhere between an hour (if you can reuse the previous image's Scene) and several days (the average) or even weeks in some cases.
Once everything is set up, you have to make a few test renders to adjust light and camera, and poses (fine Tuning). That takes usually around an hour or so.
Finally, you start the actual render for the Image. On my PC, that takes anywhere between twenty minutes and twenty-four hours. Image size is a factor, as well as what is in the Scene.

For the actual page, plain rendering time for four Images was around twelve hours. The preperations took longer, of course.

I thought about doing a "behind the Scenes" page. Would you be interested in something like that?
ThreeMadGods 22.2.2018, 15:50 edit delete reply
sure. it be interesting to see how this kind of work is actually done. when I sit down to do my work its usually me fiddling with an idea till I find it funny, or just yelling "screw it" and abandon the work as "good enough".
Ajoseph 2.7.2018, 18:23 edit delete reply
Yes, this behind the scenes info is very interesting. I do not know much about this medium and it is very interesting. Great story so far by they way!
BeeMKay 4.7.2018, 15:06 edit delete reply
I've started a side comic for this, but it updates only irregularly.