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7.3.2018, 2:02 in Chapter 1
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...(RockB) 4.4.2018, 2:02 edit delete reply
Will this get explained later on?
BeeMKay 4.4.2018, 4:04 edit delete reply
Which part? (And yes, there's going to be an investigation, of course... the kid was obviously murdered.)
Siren 29.4.2018, 3:14 edit delete reply
I wouldn't say it is obvious he was murdered. Not without knowing more about the nature of magic, maybe demons, and what relationship, if any, exists between them.

All we know so far is that magic can make you a danger to others, and possibly yourself, without proper training and self-control.
BeeMKay 4.5.2018, 22:28 edit delete reply
True. Things will be explained, in any case. That includes how the magic works, what types of magic there are, what exactly happened to Dwayne and just who's behind it. And then, there's the demons. :-)
Mr.KnuckleHead 1.6.2018, 7:35 edit delete reply
That's not a good face, there may be trouble...
BeeMKay 1.6.2018, 21:36 edit delete reply
You got that right. His little brother just died. Someone's got to pay for that.