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7.12.2017, 15:29 in Chapter 1
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Author Notes:

BeeMKay 17.12.2017, 1:22 edit delete
The story, all names, characters, and incidents in this story are fictitious.
Any resemblance with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is not intended and purely coincidental


dpat57 21.1.2018, 21:09 edit delete reply
Big image, needs resized.
BeeMKay 21.1.2018, 21:37 edit delete reply
Ooops! Sorry for this!
I've uploaded reduced size version.
Mr.KnuckleHead 1.6.2018, 7:09 edit delete reply
Great image, stuff of nightmares.
BeeMKay 1.6.2018, 21:15 edit delete reply
This image - in colour and unblurred - was the original title page of the comic.
Mr.KnuckleHead 6.6.2018, 16:43 edit delete reply
That would be something to see,(I hope I hope) is this demon a major player? He/She is definitely a terror to revisit.
BeeMKay 7.6.2018, 13:44 edit delete reply
Well, that demon lady is going to cause some serious Problems for someone, if that answers your question. ;-)
Ajoseph 2.7.2018, 4:57 edit delete reply
Thank you for your kind words and comments on my work! They mean so much to me. This image is truly terrifying! I look forward to reading your work!
BeeMKay 2.7.2018, 6:53 edit delete reply
You're welcome, but I only wrote what I feel about your comic. :-)
And I'm glad that you like the image of the chapter title, and hope you'll enjoy the rest of the comic.