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21.3.2018, 1:37 in Chapter 1
Page 20
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Mr.KnuckleHead 1.6.2018, 7:39 edit delete reply
Holy crap that guy just sprouted angel wings! What the hell nurse, handle this.
BeeMKay 1.6.2018, 21:39 edit delete reply
Well, it's not exactly "wings" wings... The correct description would be "tendrils of magic" but it kind of ended up looking like... wings. :-)
Mr.KnuckleHead 6.6.2018, 17:03 edit delete reply
Now do the "tendrils" manifest every time they use magic or only when they use more powerful spells?
BeeMKay 7.6.2018, 13:47 edit delete reply
This will be explained in more detail further down the chapter, but yes, the manifestation of the tendrils is directly connected to your magic Output. Think electricty, the two have similar effects.