Demon Division - Behind the scenes: Vacation Time!

25.4.2018, 1:00 in Who's Who in Demon Division
Behind the scenes: Vacation Time!
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Siren 29.4.2018, 4:15 edit delete reply
Have a good vacation! Or hope you had a good vacation if you don't see this comment until then.

The comic's tension ramped up quickly - overall you've framed your scenes quite well. Your layouts improved rapidly too.
BeeMKay 4.5.2018, 22:24 edit delete reply
Thank you for all the praise! :-)
Yes, the vacation was a good one, though full of work.
I'm now slowly getting back into my regular routine, catching up on all the things that piled up while I was gone.
Mr.KnuckleHead 6.6.2018, 17:20 edit delete reply
Wow, Crow is short. I hope some of the villain's rift on his height, I bet he fields some cutting comebacks.
BeeMKay 7.6.2018, 13:54 edit delete reply
He clocks at 1,64m, but as a lot of the people around him are taller,and he's very Slim build, he does look like a slip of person. :-)
As for the cutting comebacks... He can do them, if he has to.