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30.5.2018, 0:01 in Chapter 1
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jamie59 30.5.2018, 2:51 edit delete reply
Red definitely looks over dressed.
BeeMKay 30.5.2018, 7:14 edit delete reply
No kidding! She likes to... Impress. ;-)
Siren 5.6.2018, 20:23 edit delete reply
I like the juxtaposition of the old castle-like architecture with the modern, economically-priced looking furniture. Really looks like the school just took an old room in their building and re-purposed it to their needs.

(can't remember if the school is actually in a castle)
BeeMKay 7.6.2018, 13:37 edit delete reply
Thank you! The building is a bit of a mixture of styles - but that is on purpose.
The Academy is in an old castle near Scotland. The building houses the local Retriever group and a small Hospital section on top of the Academy.
Siren 6.11.2018, 18:04 edit delete reply
Happens all the time when old buildings are repurposed for new uses.
Mr.KnuckleHead 6.6.2018, 17:34 edit delete reply
I'm impressed. Now is the really pale girl fully human? She looks a little "other worldly".
BeeMKay 7.6.2018, 13:37 edit delete reply
Spoilers, I'm afraid. ;-)