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20.6.2018, 0:01 in Chapter 1
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Mr.KnuckleHead 5.7.2018, 4:23 edit delete reply
Damn, study lighting much? Ridiculous.
BeeMKay 5.7.2018, 11:22 edit delete reply
I'm sorry, but I don't understand your comment.
What are you referring to? *lost*
Mr.KnuckleHead 12.7.2018, 2:26 edit delete reply
You have obviously mastered lighting. The soft shadows, the distant ceiling light and the way his body seems to carve a path through the scene with his stark black suit. Crazy cool, I don't know if I am ever gonna fully understand all the 10,000 settings.
BeeMKay 14.7.2018, 9:40 edit delete reply
Ah, that's what you meant. :-)
Thank you for the compliment, but I'm really very much a beginner at lights. I mean, outside of the mere technical things like strength and such, there's a lot to learn about positioning, what light to use, etc.
Basically, a good book about photography or film lighting will teach you the basics. "Lighting&Rendering" by Jeremy Birn was one of the very basic literature suggested to me when I started this hobby a few years ago.
I also went to a webinar by Esha, hosted by Digital Arts (check the DAZ store), about lights, and that was really very good and helpful. I still have to put to practice what I learned there.
I can only recommend that you practice lights, light by light. Learn three-point light. One light at a time. Premade light sets are time savers, but the time you invest into learning the lights properly will pay off very fast. :-)