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27.6.2018, 0:01 in Chapter 1
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Mr.KnuckleHead 5.7.2018, 4:26 edit delete reply
Love the psych torture here! Handcuff him just outta reach of that toilet. That'll teach him a lesson or two. ;)
BeeMKay 5.7.2018, 11:28 edit delete reply
Well, the nice young lady outside has the keys, and in case she's not around, there's always the handwash basin. ;-)
Ajoseph 19.7.2018, 15:49 edit delete reply
I have been reading and catching up. Well done! I like the cut away from chatty students to the more serious matters. Excellent work.
BeeMKay 20.7.2018, 9:12 edit delete reply
Thank you!
I try to keep a balance between both story strands. Getting the right length for each segment is difficult. I am glad that this part has the right feel for you. :-)