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4.7.2018, 5:14 in Chapter 1
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Mr.KnuckleHead 5.7.2018, 4:41 edit delete reply
Really like the story so far. The Doctor is a very realistic render, I wonder if you could get the same effect with a DOF lens and keep the realism? My computer would be cooking this image forever. Have you ever done that and what do you think of the results? I'm all about parsing down a scene out of necessity.
BeeMKay 5.7.2018, 11:45 edit delete reply
Thanks. That's the Genesis 3 Male "Edgar" with some shape slider love and adjustments to the skin shaders.
He also uses CC Beard Boss and Super Natural Brows. The hair is Vintage Male Hair. Beard and Brows are pretty versatile, but don't work with Genesis 2, unfortunately... but the skin for G2 doesn't play nicely with G3. Can't win this.

As for DOF, that wouldn't change the realism, and it's also increasing render times. I didn't want to render "in pairs" - background first, then blur that in Photoshop, and then the character without background.
My longest render was 24 hours, then I cancelled it. It's all fine when you have no schedule and do single images, but when you have a page to complete per week, you simply have to find ways to cut things down to neccessity.
The longest renders are those with the wings in it, as they are glass shaders and depend on the light effects. I also have to layer them, so we are talking three eight hour images. I had to change the rules of magic because of that; originally, they were to show up whenever magic was done. The new rules are explained in one of the upcoming pages that I hope to render in the next couple of days.
Mr.KnuckleHead 12.7.2018, 2:38 edit delete reply
Thankyou for all the information. As a beginner in this wacked software I hang on every word. It is soo cool the way you mix and match to make a character. Well done btw.

24 hour render!?!?!? Just nuts! Whats this "layering" you speak of, or am I better off not knowing, lol. Well I appreciate your dedication to this story. I look forward to Weds now.
BeeMKay 14.7.2018, 10:36 edit delete reply
I'm really just a beginner, not that much different from yourself. You'll get the hang of things very quickly, but you have to commit yourself to learning and experimenting.

The figures and content you can buy at the store should always just be starting point. You mix items ("kitbashing") to create something unique. Of course, you can render a character "as is", but all the shape sliders are like the variables in human DNA. Even twins don't look 100% alike, and there's nothing worse than a perfectly symetrical face like you get from an untouched store character. They are meant to be changed.
If you are buying characters, I can only recommend that you think about "how can I mix this into a new person". George, Olie 8, the ethnic characters. Proper old and young skins & shapes.

Layering means that you render the image "in parts", with or without backgrounds, and then mix the various images together in a picture editing program like Gimp or Photoshop.
Mr.KnuckleHead 19.7.2018, 19:46 edit delete reply
If your "just a beginner" your obviously that damn smart kid sitting in the front row. You are right about the commitment.
Anyways thanks for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate the advice.
BeeMKay 20.7.2018, 9:51 edit delete reply
LOL! No, I'm more like the "trying out everything" type of kid. There's countless test renders, even more often tearing out hairs and muttering obscenities involved. Like, I'm currently working on a render for a class on magic scene that has two characters levitating. Outside of the mere setting up of the scene and posing the characters, I'm now about almost a week into finetuning. Granted, I usually wouldn't spend as much time preparing an image, as there need to be four completed at the end of the week. But this time, I tried some new effect with negative light values, and different character lights (spotlight instead od mesh lights). I hope that the result will be worth it, but my images don't start out the way you see them in the comic.
So, please don't feel bad. There's really not much difference, we are both learners of the software and the art. :-)