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18.7.2018, 0:01 in Chapter 1
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Mr.KnuckleHead 19.7.2018, 19:40 edit delete reply
Just Wow! Great dialogue, insane art, excellent pacing.

This boy has really dug himself a deep hole in hurting the doctor. It is so refreshing to see a "comic" with real consequences from an action. You always see people getting knocked out in stories, by a blow to the head from a pistol or such with no thought to just how hard you have to hit someone to put them out or the actual effects afterwards. Very refreshing to see some good story telling! Please keep it up.
BeeMKay 20.7.2018, 9:19 edit delete reply
Thank you!

Yes, Simon's in serious trouble. As for the "real consequences"... I think it depends on the type of story you tell. I mean, if you took all the "cartoon damage" that Tom&Jerry did to each into the "real consequence" level, that cartoon would be rather short-lived.
As for Division, it will stick to the "actions, or lack thereof, have consequences". That doesn't mean it will be all gritty and dark - I mean, what's life without some laughs and smiles, and happiness? :-)
StLOrca 22.7.2018, 4:25 edit delete reply
That’s a great route to take. Magic is fine, but there has to be a cost. There is always a cost. Superman once remarked that he “lived in a world made of cardboard”, and the slightest mistake could cost someone’s life.
BeeMKay 22.7.2018, 10:40 edit delete reply
Thank you. Indeed, they way the Dark Mages work magic comes with a price tag. Part of Seth and Simon's story arc (outside of the injury of the doctor) deals with that price tag, and it's also a reason why the Demons will get a foothold... aehm, that's spoilers. ;-)
Mr.KnuckleHead 31.7.2018, 6:37 edit delete reply
Lol, well yes, of course and Road Runner would be a single episode. Beep Beep.

I'm referring to artists doing stories like your own where a 120 pound man or kid "knocks out" a 350 pound man-ape with a chop to the neck using an Austin Powers "karate chop." Just once I would like to see the thug turn around, rub his head, smile and just knock the education outta him. ;)