Demon Division - Page 36

1.8.2018, 1:27 in Chapter 1
Page 36
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Ajoseph 15.8.2018, 5:38 edit delete reply
Nice shot here!
BeeMKay 17.8.2018, 20:58 edit delete reply
Thank you! :-)
Mr.KnuckleHead 12.9.2018, 7:18 edit delete reply
Such clean renders, do you do much post work?
BeeMKay 14.9.2018, 11:33 edit delete reply
There is postwork in other images, but these two do not have any postwork. I render at a base width of 3600px for the longest side, and the page I am fitting the render into is at 7100x5000px. For posting, the width is down to 900px, so you usually lose whatever leftover artefacts there are. But in general, I let the images render as long as necessary to look good in the focussed parts, and DOF doesn't always need to clear up properly.