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9.12.2017, 12:36 in Chapter 1
Page 4
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Merman83 27.2.2018, 5:30 edit delete reply
Wow! Amazing 3-D modelling! And the blur in the foreground really defines the dimensions of the room!
BeeMKay 27.2.2018, 13:51 edit delete reply
Yes, the modelling is amazing and on-spot, isn't it?

I wished I could claim this set for myself, but like a photographer, I use mostly pre-made locations, which are adapted to serve the purpose of the story. Modelling and texturing takes a lot of time to look good. I've done some stuff by myself, but it will take a few more years of practice before I'm confident enough to use it in a Scene like this.

I'm currently in the process of creating a "Behind the Scenes" of the two 3D rendered Comics I do. They will explain the process and answers reader questions in more detail. It's not active yet, but the link is