Demon Division - Page 39

22.8.2018, 2:49 in Chapter 1
Page 39
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StLOrca 22.8.2018, 6:33 edit delete reply
“Jesus Lord of America, you suck! How is it possible to be so terrible at spells and not blow yourselves up?? It has to be because you were trying to blow yourselves up on purpose, but you suck at it so bad I’m the safest man in the city!”
BeeMKay 24.8.2018, 10:53 edit delete reply
Ow... poor students! And they try so hard! ;-)
Mr Taniwha is roughly based on three people I think very highly of, and have a lot of respect for. He'd never let you hanging high and dry.
Mr.KnuckleHead 12.9.2018, 7:25 edit delete reply
I really hope the next page is a guy in just his underwear flattened against the ceiling, you know, the kid the curve was designed to save.;)
BeeMKay 14.9.2018, 11:47 edit delete reply
I somehow think that Mr Taniwha would have interferred earlier if someone was lifted up like that... :-)
Levitating such small and many items like leaves is not a simple feature, though. They are tested for their skills.
But I might just include a dude in his briefs pinned to the ceiling some day, who knows. ;-)