Demon Division - Page 40

29.8.2018, 0:02 in Chapter 1
Page 40
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Icefall Kitsune 29.8.2018, 17:43 edit delete reply
Icefall Kitsune
What? He doesn't like her wings...which came out of nowhere?
BeeMKay 30.8.2018, 11:49 edit delete reply
Thank you for the comment!
There's no pleasing Mr Taniwha if you make a mess of your spells, I fear....
and yes (without spoiling the next page too much), the "coming out of nowhere" is how it looks; their appearance is like an on/off switch sort of thing, similar to how lighting seems to appear out of nowhere.
Mr.KnuckleHead 12.9.2018, 7:28 edit delete reply
Let me guess, she accidently flattened a guy against the ceiling, blowing most of his clothing off! There he hangs in his spongebob whitey tightys for all the world to see.