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5.9.2018, 5:12 in Chapter 1
Page 41
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BeeMKay 5.9.2018, 5:12 edit delete
As I won't have acces to my render PC for two weeks, Demon Division will have no new pages for September 12th and 19th. Instead, you'll get two character-info-pages.
I apologize for the interruption of the schedule and any inconviniences caused by this.
Page 42 of Demon Division will be posted on September 26th, and pick up Seth, Duon and Simon's side of the story.


Icefall Kitsune 5.9.2018, 17:34 edit delete reply
Icefall Kitsune
Interesting. Sounds like new mages need to keep a tight reign on their magic and feelings lest it take control and really mess them up.
BeeMKay 7.9.2018, 4:32 edit delete reply
Not just the new ones... but experience and training help, to a degree.
Mr.KnuckleHead 12.9.2018, 7:34 edit delete reply
No details? What is going on with the "render pc" Was it stolen? Did it get hacked? Did a Demon take it or a student accidently damage it...jeesh make up something if you have to! Aliens reclaimed it, NASA needed it to land a deep space probe, it randomly teleports every three months...
BeeMKay 14.9.2018, 11:53 edit delete reply
My render PC hopefully is safe and sound at home, where it belongs. I, unfortunately, was abducted by aliens and left to work with my old iPad, and a rather lousy Wifi connection, as their technology and Apple standards clash horribly, while they tour the solar system with me on board. I got some spectacular snapshots of Jupiter and Ios out of it, though. :-)
Mr.KnuckleHead 21.9.2018, 23:09 edit delete reply
I knew Aliens were helping you with this art! Hah!
BeeMKay 27.9.2018, 0:13 edit delete reply
DAng, you found me out. ;-P
Xerocorpse Boomer
She was hit by a teddy bear made of farts, jk, I still love it.
BeeMKay 10.4.2019, 22:14 edit delete reply
I wonder if she'd prefer farts to a solid smack in the face from all that magic... *pondering*