Demon Division - Character-Infos II

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Character-Infos II
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Demon Division will have no new pages for today.
I apologize for the interruption of the schedule and any inconviniences caused by this.
Page 42 of Demon Division will be posted on September 26th.


StLOrca 20.9.2018, 1:53 edit delete reply
Sensei reminds me uncomfortably of my drill instructor from basic training.
BeeMKay 27.9.2018, 0:16 edit delete reply
Sorry that Mr Taniwha brings back bad memories! He's a nice guy, though... as long as he's not teaching noobs, that is. ;-)
StLOrca 27.9.2018, 5:38 edit delete reply
That’s a compliment—you got the “curmudgeonly instructor” vibe down perfectly!
BeeMKay 3.10.2018, 19:24 edit delete reply
Thank you! *blush*