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17.10.2018, 1:11 in Chapter 1
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StLOrca 18.10.2018, 1:28 edit delete reply
“Because I thought I’d act out the old joke about Jewish mothers.”
BeeMKay 21.10.2018, 10:10 edit delete reply
I had to google that joke...
Funny enough, though, that's just the type of behaviour Seth would prefer resort to, if he had a choice. :-)
You'd wonder how he's able to stay Mage Elder and in charge of an organization like the Division for all this time. Ah, he was such a sweet young man when I invented him. What have I done to the poor guy? ;-)
StLOrca 21.10.2018, 17:20 edit delete reply
When you have an organization like that, you have to be equal parts Machiavelli and boot camp drill instructor.
BeeMKay 21.10.2018, 23:36 edit delete reply
Seth definitely will manipulate, deceive, and exploit others to ensure that the Dwellers & Dark Mages will survive. He's 'doing what needs to be done'... even if he's struggling under the weight of the decisions and the consequences (as seen with Simon's case).
Drill instructor...
He was a healer/physician at a Division hospital way back when in Hades, before he became Mage Elder - I guess there are certain qualities you'd need for both jobs.