Demon Division - Character-Infos III

21.11.2018, 2:01 in Who's Who in Demon Division
Character-Infos III
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BeeMKay 21.11.2018, 2:01 edit delete
For this week's update, you'll get some more character information about the students. Next week's update will also be character information, about Emelie Cooper, Yoshiro Matsuo and Rayen Jones. Of course, I could talk for pages about each one of them, but... :-)
Page 50 of Demon Division will be released on December 5th.


Siren 22.11.2018, 19:40 edit delete reply
People who were born in 2000 are mostly adults now. I had forgotten this.
BeeMKay 29.11.2018, 11:41 edit delete reply
Yes, I'm always tempted to make the young people born in 1985 or something like that, and then I remember, dang, they are too old, then! :-D