Demon Division - Character-Infos IV

28.11.2018, 2:01 in Who's Who in Demon Division
Character-Infos IV
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BeeMKay 28.11.2018, 2:01 edit delete
Page 50 of Demon Division will be released on December 5th.


StLOrca 28.11.2018, 7:48 edit delete reply
Hold on there, Hoss—a Canadian what hates poutine? I call shenanigans!
BeeMKay 29.11.2018, 11:48 edit delete reply
What can I say... that's Emelie for you. ;-)
Though, that reminds me that I should go and visit the place at the mall in my town that opened a while ago and is said to serve genuine Poutine. You don't get that often in Germany, and it's always pretty crowded there.