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7.3.2019, 0:59 in Chapter 1
Page 63
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BeeMKay 7.3.2019, 0:59 edit delete
So here it is - the final page of chapter one... unfortunately a bit later than planned.
Demon Division will continue next week with chapter 2. Demon Division: Dwellers will not be continued as an independent comic, but we (Lara&I) have decided, that its story will be told in Division.

Also, I'd like to thank all of our readers, who have followed this comic so far - despite the bloody beginner's mistake we made. :-)


RodS 10.3.2019, 0:44 edit delete reply
hope you're feeling better! I know what you mean on the bloody beginner mistakes.. I sometimes cringe at the first few pages of mine... LOL
BeeMKay 10.3.2019, 10:47 edit delete reply
Thanks - and yeah, that cringing feeling.
It doesn't really help that for Division, we started out without any script. It was originally just meant to be a few pages of intro to connect a later stage of the story to the originally planned run of Demon Division: Dwellers. That later stage was unwritten at the time, just some very sketchy goals that needed to be foreshadowed in Dwellers.
So it was hip-shot after the first scene with the students in the autitorium. There's some cringe-worthy whiplashing in how the plot develops in the first few pages (like, Simon bumping into Seth? That was originally just meant to show that Seth does care for people, but as my co-author and I kept discussing the story, ideas formed, were tossed out again after a page establishing exhibit A was posted, and then we had to dig ourselves out of the plotholes and inconsistencies we had created for ourselves.
But now that we have done our homework, written character backgrounds, created the plotline and are scripting, I feel a lot better about the plot.