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3.10.2019, 20:30 in Chapter 2
Page 89
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BeeMKay 3.10.2019, 20:30 edit delete
Unfortunately, this page of Demon Division is late a day (for some crappy reasons that are of no particular interest :-)). Please enjoy your read!


Socratatus 3.10.2019, 21:44 edit delete reply
That lighting and shadow on the older guy (bottom left) is really well done.
BeeMKay 3.10.2019, 22:18 edit delete reply
Thank you!
The image has just two light sources - the ball of sparks in his hand, and a light in the corridor next to him that casts light through the half-opened bathroom door.
Him having all those wrinkles helped a lot, though. ;-)
Socratatus 4.10.2019, 18:22 edit delete reply
You make it sound so simple. Very good.
BeeMKay 5.10.2019, 8:10 edit delete reply
It is simple, really, as light for the Iray render engine that I used behaves for the most part like "real light". So all you need to do is think about how real light sources behave, and where you'd place them for certain effects.
Tough, the intended effect here was just to light his face, and I had to take into account that that door was opened and they had switched on the lights in the other rooms. The test render had just a very faint glimmer in the background, so I cranked up the output of the light source in the hallway/kitchen to increase the effect on the wall behind him.