The Spell Book
by Lara

       Spell Checker - The groundwork

 So, you've come to this place to learn a bit about magic, aye? Well, let me tell you, it's not as easy as flicking a finger and the candle is burning. Nor can you simply open a magic book,read the spells and off ye go.    First, you have to be born that way. Sorry to disappoint you, lads and lasses, but it's genetic. Second, not any mage can light the candle. Sometimes, you're just as good as making a feather fly. And sometimes you're just a wizard in the  courtroom. Aye, I do mean lawyer. We do need those, too, ye know. 

If you're a Dark mage or Dweller, you're lucky. Or not, depends on the point of view. You don't need help, the magic is just pouring out of you. Might burn ye room to cinders in the process, but hey,  who's counting,? It's Magic, aye? Oops, sorry I just accidentally disintegrated your hamster. That's what discipline was made for, people. Or inhibitors.

Or you're a White mage. Not magic flowing on itself, ye need a wee little something to do the trick. No something, no magic. So you have a something and you disintegrate a hamster, you really really hate the poor thing.

So much for the groundwork, people. I'm taking my afternoon nap now.

Oh? Call me Kieran. We'll be meeting soon.