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All humans are able to influence their surrounding by manipulating energy, seemingly bending the laws of nature. This is called 'magic'. Most humans do not know about their magic abilities, as they can only trigger and direct the flow of energy by using a focal point (like a crystal) and many years of practice. This type of accessing magic is called Light Magic. Due to a genetic mutation, some humans are able to access the flow of energy by using their feelings as focal point. This type of accessing magic is called Dark Magic. Dark Magic is potentially stronger than Light Magic, but is much harder to control and often causes serious damages to lives and property.

As a result, Dark Mages are considered a thread to mankind. Until 1960, the majority of them lived voluntarily in segregation on a group of magically shielded islands what was known as Hades. With the Dark Mages exiled, and technology developing, few people went through the rigorous training of a Light Mage, and to most humans, magic became a myth.

The destruction of Hades in 1960 left a large number of Dwellers stranded amongst the unsuspecting people of post-WWII earth. After several incidents and threat of total anihilation by the Light Mage Council, the surviving Dwellers, under leadership of Mage Elder Seth Caelen, accepted the conditions of the Moonshire Treaty, with the Division being charged to monitor and enforce compliance of the treaty on side of the Dwellers and, subsequently, the Dark Mages.

Dwellers are Dark Mages that were born and raised in Hades, and undergoing a ritual only possible within Hades. As Hades was mostly isolated from the rest of the world, the Dwellers developed their own culture and values, and usually have more magic talent strands than Dark Mages.

After the destruction of Hades, now all children of Dwellers are considered Dark Mages, but due to their heritage, can have a larger number of magic talents.

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